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Horse Shelter

Here at Dark Horse Ranch, we take horse boarding to a new level. We don't just provide horse shelter; we provide love and the best care available. Many residents in San Fernando, CA, Van Nuys, Sun Valley, and other local areas trust us to provide horse shelter for their beloved horses, and we hope that you will too.


When we board your horse, you are in control. You can choose between a covered outdoor area and an indoor covered box stall. Our covered box stall is designed to be comfortable for your horse. Of course, your horse won't spend all of its time in the stall. We turn them out so that they can get some exercise while running and playing. We love horses. One thing that everyone here has in common is a love for horses. Their care is always our number one priority. There is always someone on staff to ensure the health and safety of the animal.


We have a lovely ranch that you'll enjoy visiting often. While you're here, you can see how well cared for your horse is. You may also notice that our owner is dedicated to rescuing horses. When you see a horse that might be underweight or one that looks frail, you can be sure that's one of our rescues. Over the next few weeks and months, you will see that horse being cared for and brought back to a healthy weight. You can almost see how grateful these horses are by the look on their faces.


Part of the fun that comes with owning a horse is riding the horse. If you're not comfortable on your horse, we can provide you with lessons that will help. We can teach you, no matter what level you're currently at, even if you don't even know how to get up in the saddle yet. Our patient and kind teachers are standing by to help you.

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