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Horse Stable

Horses have an almost magical power. They give riders a freedom and a peace that is hard to get in their everyday life. Horses are even used in therapy. People who suffer from anxiety have found horses to be beneficial for these people. Growing up, the wish for a horse is a common one. However, reality gets in the way, and it's just not feasible for many. Usually, the reason that children don't get the horse that they long for is that of space. Not everyone is able to keep a horse. If you wanted a horse as a child, or if your child longs for one now, ask yourself and others, 'Where are horse stables near me?'


When you were a child, you may not have realized that asking this question is all that you had to do to find the room you needed to give your horse a home. As an adult, life may have gotten in the way of your dream to own your own horse, but now is a great time to make the dream come true. Now is the time to ask, 'Where can I find horse stables near me?' If you are located in Tujunga, CA, Sylmar, Van Nuys, or other local areas, we are the horse stable for you. We're Dark Horse Ranch.


Now that you know our name, make your life happier by getting that horse that you've always wanted. Don't worry about knowing how to ride; we provide lessons. Soon you'll be experiencing the joy that so many other horse owners experience. Even just brushing and petting your horse can help relieve stress and anxiety.


Horses give us so much; let us help you give your horse a home that it will love. While your horse is with us, it will get the best care possible.

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